About US

A prototype is ”an early sample or model built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from.” In the context of high-end collectibles, the finished product is usually the 2nd or 3rd generation replication of the prototype. Within the molding process, the finest details on the sculpt are often lost, leaving the collector with a mere shadow of the initial sculpt.

PrototypeZ Studio aims to revolutionize the industry by allowing collectors to purchase prototype quality high-end collectibles. Our goal is to provide collectors the opportunity to own a carbon copy of the original sculpt down to every detail. At the hands of master sculptor, Erick Sosa, collectors will be able to see the passion and attention-to-detail that Erick has for this art form. He will add his own dynamic style on well-known characters as well as original concepts.

In this competitive industry where quantity sells at the expense of quality, PrototypeZ Studio vows to keep quality at the forefront and collectors at its core.

Erick Sosa – I am just a guy that loves sculpting and designing. I have an affinity for sculpting anything in wax, but specially monsters, women, heroes, and portraits. My goal is to bring first generation quality prototypes to people that appreciate the value of a limited run of a product that is an exact replica of the original wax master. We are aiming to bring not just licensed creations but original characters from fantasy and Sci-fi, and with the aid of my trusty sidekicks Glenn and Jorge,I am sure this dream will be realized.

Jorge Martinez – An expert in developing prototype copies for a wide range of companies within the collectibles industry. Jorge is also a hard core collector of statues and collectibles,  which enables him to understand the consumers demands when it comes to quality and presentation. Jorge will play a huge role in bringing you the best 1st generation prototypes.

Glenn Ylaya – I have always been a collector starting with comic books then slowly evolving to action figures and finally to resin statues. But to purchase statues with high edition sizes lost it’s appeal and I started private commissions. There was a sense of satisfaction when you would receive a statue that is either one-of-a-kind or a very limited edition. I felt like I owned a piece of art. Then through the forums, I met Jorge and Erick and we shared a common vision. I wanted all collectors to have the opportunity to own art without emptying their wallets. PrototypeZ Studio was the answer and I hope to bring a collectors perspective to the company.