26 Dec



Almost one year since our first ever licensed kit was released, and as exciting as that was, this year was an incredible experience of learning and just getting the feel of the industry. What has been the most helpful and we are truly indebted to are the invaluable feedback given to us by our fans, fellow collectors, sculptors, painters, and the pop culture community in general. Not only has it been helpful in the growth of our small company, but ultimately to the end product. 

Erick has definitely appreciated interacting with the community either through the forums and other social networks, and has put tremendous effort in incorporating all those feedbacks into every sculpt. All the resin kits released thus far, is not a kit solely based on turning a profit but passionate fans taking advantage of a rare opportunity to add input and seeing their ideas resonate into each character. 

With the approaching New Year, we wanted to improve ourselves in several ways, starting with a revamped website. Gone are the fancy links and “corny” widgets (yes, I still remember those comments about the Character selection screen lol). We wanted it to be simpler, cleaner, and to the point. We added a blog so that we can update you on new announcements and changes, allowing for better interaction with our community. We’ve also reshuffled some collection lines so as to streamline the searches and navigation. We’ve also created a better ordering and check out system to keep all the orders on time and avoid any miscommunication. On the back end, we created a better QA/QC system to make sure all kits are in order and delivered in the promised time window. 

We hope in the upcoming year, that we continue to receive the incredible support of existing fans and also gain the trust and insight of new fans. In return, we will continue to produce the highest quality kits and pursue more licenses to bring you the best variety and the most unique sculpts ever to grace this industry. Stay tuned and check back more often. Prototypez Studios LLC has only just begun!!! Thank you everyone again for all your kind support. We are truly grateful.

The PrototypeZ Team (Erick, Glenn, Jorge)