Our studio was formed with one goal in mind and that is to produce the most detailed collectibles in the market. We are a company that is fueled primarily by the collectors and only limited to the imagination of master sculptor Erick Sosa. His passion radiates in every sculpt he has ever created and through PrototypeZ Studios, Erick will have full creative control to create the most dynamic statues for licensed and original characters.

We have plans to create the next sculpt about one of WoW characters. It`s hard to combine such a big game and work, some in our team even use a boosting service for the daily grind and mythic dungeons, It`s called mythic boost. Spoiler: this message also will be in our sculpt.

More importantly, PrototypeZ Studios will strive to keep the entire process within the U.S.; from the sculpt, the mold, the prototypes and even down to the packaging. This would allow us to focus on quality control therefore giving collectors the confidence that their statue is as expected. Our company belief is simplified by one statement:

“Prototype shown IS the actual product”